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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 15, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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that maybe jeb bush may join this exclusive club. is that possible? as i walk through the museum, i think it's something they'd like to see -- president bush. >> tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" just how difficult is it to find a needle in a hey stack? meet one slacker who had the tame to waste and the guts to find out. and what is wrong with the leather chaps the president got joe biden for his birthday? >> they don't fit. inin washington it is not meant as a compliment. it means you are not sophisticated. >> and did lou daabs just invent skiing's next maneuver. the world's most electrifing newsman on how he pulled off the high five. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> daabs. let's welcome our other guests. we've got champagne taste on a beer budget. so she has to steal things. poor thing. i am here with joanne
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nosuchunsky. waive away. political humor. it is tv's andy levey. the magazines are responsible for more soiled socks than the 1919 world series and his eyebrows are more pronounced than the the words on jeopardy and he looks like one of the arabs on homeland. his name i forgot. ithe is now the zine.r-in-chief. and he keeps his money under his mattress. that's why he needs a 50-foot ladder to get into bed. it is the lou everyone is skipping to, darlin. week nights 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox business network. he is also co author of the great book and national best seller, bigger than anything o'reilly has ever written border war. >> a block. the lede.
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that's the first story. >> his shirt is causing hurt. so it must be time for another edition of -- >> is this sexist? >> i forgot the sign. the european space agency may have landed a probe on a comet 310 million miles away. that pales in importance to the clothing choice of one of their scientists. look at that. during a live stream of the landing matt taylor, one of the most public faces of the mission and my pilates in instructor had a shirt with art work of scantily clad women in sexy poses. that's his hand on the right there if you were wondering. katie mac tweeted, you think a shirt like this makes women feel welcome? i conquer. and website the verge noted that this is the casual massage knee that stops women
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from entering the scientific fields. they see a guy like that on tv. women are welcome as seen here. >> that is so fake! she is not in space. you know how she is not in space ? her hair should be floating in space. it is a you are arement to have their hair floating in space. if it does president float in space they are -- if it doesn't float in space they are sent back. this shirt is a big deal. it is causing a massive uproar. he had to change his shirt in the middle of the feed. should he have bowed to the pc police, the wussification of
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space exploration? >> when you wear a suit like that you have surrendered all dignity and i can you should be sub dsh dash and i can you should be sub serve -- sub-serviy in t in every respect. i think he should have been given credit for that. >> it is funny how the shirt has clouded the achievement. >> right now they are trying to figure out how the hell did they get with this guy? he has wiped out all of the space agencies. >> could you have worn anything. >> you i could have worn no shirt. >> do you think he was trying to get attention? >> ypg so. i think so. >> why else would you do that? a v neck. it is so nonde script. that's why no 1 recognizes me in the lineups. >> he is a rocket scientist and this is the first naked woman he has seen. >> you are a former editor.
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you seem like the perfect person to comment on this. were you offended by the shirt? would you feel uncomfortable if his wife was there when he wore that? >> if my wife was wearing it. >> no your wife was wearing it and you were in front of him. >> what am i wearing? >> i think he was trying to be like a goofy hipster kind of guy. he was on the stage with a woman who seemed okay with it. i think we have to let this one go. scientists do socially awkward things. that's what they do, greg. >> that's true. einstein's hair, that was not bruce jenner. that was probably a poor example. bruce jenner in the before stage. >> he was the naked woman. >> he is now on the shirt. is -- a lot of people thing it
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keeps women out of the sciences. is this what stopped you from becoming an astro physicist. >> i was obsessed with betty bop. she doesn't wear a lot of clothing and it projected to me not wearing a lot of clothing as opposed to nasa and space exploration. she has been working on this project for awhile. 10 years in the making landing this probe on this comet. he, if anyone, knows what is there. i think those naked ladies,s that what is on the comet. we don't know what is there. >> it is a message to those women on the shirt. that's incredible and makes no sense. >> it is definitely problematic as opposed to
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problematic. >> a couple of things, i am all for this guy being called out for wearing his dumb, ugly shirt. if you want to wear a dumb, ugly shirt with half naked women on it, that's up to you. but even if you incorrectly don't think this is sexist and that it sends the wrong message, it is unprofessional. what i am saying is come on, man, don't do that. it is not casual massage knee though, is it? is it semiformal? >> this is what they want. it is a distraction from the cover up being perpetrated in conjunction with nasa. this is not a comet they landed on, greg. as an e-mail that was leaked and published at ufo sightings daily .com. they detected radio bursts from a source in space. it turns out the sources were coming from the direction from where this comet is.
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it has machine-like parts. this is an alien craft and possibly there are aliens themselves there. we don't know that. we want to stick to the facts. there may or may not be aliens there. it is too early to say. >> that is a dirt ely. a dirty lie. >> could you pronounce betty boop one more time. >> betty boop. >> i love that. >> betty boop? what. >> not too much. >> by the way, a woman made the search for him. >> they should take the jobs away from women. >> i made a shirt for one of my close pals. did not expect this. # shirt gate, # shirt storm. >> clever. >> she is an alternative model.
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>> tit for t at is what i say. before we move on, if that shirt discourages women from entering space as a career you probably weren't entering space as a career. it just tells you not to date him. i don't believe it is sexist. i think it is nerdist. only a nerd would wear that. >> i don't know. >> you are angry, aren't you? >> i am not angry. i feel sorry for matt taylor having people incessantly having people talk about his shirt. >> you don't need the shirt. you are a rocket scientist. now go out and be a man. he won't take the rap for the slap. the subway slapper won't be charged with assault because he was acting in self-defense. it is the subject of tonight's -- >> whoopi was right.
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>> last friday night a brawl erupted on the f train named after the letter if. a group of crazy women mocked a man in his 8 ball jacket. here is how it started. >> that jacket came out in 1990. [inaudible]. >> the strangest looking apartment. one of the woman hit the dude in the jacket with her stiletto boot. [inaudible].
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>> can we see the slap again please? >> so anyway when the brawl made national news whoopi weighed in. >> if you slap anybody, but particularly women, if you slap, put your hands on somebody you cannot be guaranteed that he is not going to slap the [bleep] out of you. >> don't know what to do. i can nicole wallace is like i am not saying anything. i am not allowed to say those things. whoopi can say those things. not me. i am greek. the district attorney agreed with her. the man, jorge pena, has been cleared criminally while the woman who hit him was charged with felony assault. pena told the post what i saw the blood i couldn't take it.
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she attacked me like a man which once again proves -- >> whoopi was right. >> was whap pea right? whoopi right? >> this is a tough one to comment on. all i know is show the video and clipped out the first part is this white guy who puts on earphones and just walks away like he does president know what -- doesn't know what is happening. that totally would have been me. >> i would have been off the trine already. >> i have never seen white people move so fast in my life. look at that. >> is that jacket going to discourage kids from playing pool? >> i don't know. >> or asking about their future. >> it is giving the magic 8 ball a run for its money there. i don't know what it meant. i have no idea.
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>> was whoopi right? >> whoopi is almost always darn near right. the reality is i can't help but do that time travel space thing. i would love to see matt taylor, the rocket scientist, in that subway car. i wonder how he would have reacted. or mr. pena with that shirt at the control of that landing and somebody comments on his shirt and pops him right there. that would be good. >> it is an apparel-themed segment. >> it is trends and themes. that's why you are the lou. >> right was whoopi? i decided to phrase it as a nonsensical question. >> whoopi will never be fully on the right, but she has a point. when someone attacks you physically, you would think
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that then the person being attacked would defend themselves. what stinks about the subway cars is there is no way to escape. if you are going somewhere there is no stops you are on that car. that's also why people feel extra tense on the subway. it is an awful form of transportation. you are always hungry or running late or tired or getting off work. emotions are heightened. >> that's true. i find because of those things it is stress relieving. outside in the world. i sit and read and write poetry. go ahead and defend your heros. >> yeah, that wild group of violent women were just standing up for women everywhere. >> she had a staw stiletto.
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>> it was a stiletto boot. >> stiletto is based on -- >> i think the latin form of award means to kill. >> you can put an eye out with one of those. >> if the magic 8 ball was realohe would have known this is coming. the jacket doesn't work. >> there is one question i've got. the woman was somewhat small. she picked on what was arguably the biggest guy. >> he was a professional basketball prospect. >> she would have been his height, but she took off her stilettos. >> that's right. it wasn't a fair comparison. when you see that happened come around starting in slow motion, i think they cut him too soon. >> i think people pick on big people because they assume -- she knew that he wasn't going to hit her back. so he -- i mean she came at him with a stiletto. >> that's what i'm saying.
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don't expect to not get hit. you don't know who you are attacking. >> exactly. i say that to myself all the time. oh wait, darn it. next story. coming up, dan boba grows a second mustache on the previous mustache. he calls it little mustache because it is smaller than the other one. how do you know if your wife is cheat ?g if there is a video of her cheating that's a good sign.
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the internet got played by her drunk charade. yes, the video of a woman pretending to be plastered and asking people for help was a
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hoax. it got millions of views on youtube, an internet destination. >> i'm trying to find the bus to culver city. >> you don't need a bus. let's go somewhere else. >> where are we going go? >> my house. >> i will take you to my place. i have more beers too. >> really? what kind? >> are you not going home with him. you are coming home with me. >> the men were actors and told they were taking part in a comedic hidden camera skit. the video blew up they went on-line to clear their names. one posted on facebook that it was all staged. it is a false portrayal and i was lied to about what the video even was. another chimed in, it was supposed to be a funny skit. here is to watching my back about no friends. meanwhile the producers of the video were over. >>ed by the success. here is a -- overjoyed.
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here is the moment they realized they fooled the internet. they should be ashamed of themselves. tell me where you were when you heard it was fake. were you shocked by this? >> i was shocked. everyone in there is the worst actor i have ever seen. >> i thought it was real. then again i had the flu. >> i hate prank videos. i enjoyed my eight-year-old son peaking into a cup and of onerring it to my 11-year-old saying it was apple juice. and i saw the whole thing happening and i was going to let it happen, but then pulled back. >> i am putting a call into social services.
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>> i bet there will be others doing that for you. >> does it really matter? >> what do you make of hoaxes like this? doesn't it make it harder for people to trust people? now when you are walking down hollywood boulevard you think maybe this woman really isn't in trouble. they are just filming something? and to be safe and reaching out to make certain she was safe and well cared for. i thought that solicitation was inspiring. >> it made you rethink the genre. you can do better, lou. >> that's true of all of us.
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>> i think we made progress and we will stop here and see you next week at the same time. >> does this kind of video make it harder for women who actually get harassed? >> it doesn't matter if it is not real. it could be real. it is a teachable moment. women know there are creeps like these actors. >> by the way, there is no difference between what they normally would have done. they would have done it anyway. >> i knew it was a set up. i didn't know who was involved and who wasn't involved. i thought these guys were creeps on the street, but now looking at it again, they are acting. it gives it away. how i didn't know. >> i thought the first guy was amazing. as good as joaquin phoenix. >> that's a high bar.
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>> that's a high bar. >> daniel de lewis and "there will be blood. >> a couple of young, hard charging journalists brought up the possibility that this may be a hoax. can we roll the tape? >> there is a slight chance that this is a prank. should we hope that it is? >> let's not rule out the possibility that this video is a fake. >> i would like to take the opportunity to announce that joanne and i are going to first look media. we will be doing a lot more exposes. >> you didn't roll the whole tape. can we roll the part where they said i think it is real? >> i think it is real. i think it is real. i think it is real. >> i shot your theory to pieces. >> it's real.
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>> it is bad enough. lying to the actors who was in it is the worst part of this. >> men were misled. they should sue. >> and we learned nothing from the video. i don't want to hear we learned something from this video because we didn't. >> dan talked about the genre. checking the web if you just search for drunk girl it is quite a genre. >> that's not fair. >> i have to finish my assignment with drunk girls. >> every has their saying. >> two girls. >> two drunk girls. >> somebody should be pranking the pranksters.
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>> if you are going to time square there is always a guy with a camera who is doing prank stuff. there should be an enterprising person who is pranking the prankster. >> we did this once. we did something where we pranked people. >> i remember. >> thank you very much for that. >> are you implying you were in venice beach to see tourists. >> the subway attack was a prank. >> he is admitting to the rolls. >> before i move on, one final point. somebody is joking on the street you may not hurt that person. a woman looks like he is harassed and it may be part of a skit. people will walk past people for fear they may be embarrassed. >> it is good for someone like you whose natural inclination
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is helping people. >> when i saw that three-alarm fire and people screaming for help i said that has to be on funniest home videos. that's a fake fire. >> as it turned out it wasn't and i feel bad. but you never know. >> as everybody would say -- >> if you had to do it all over. >> if you had to do it all over again you would do the exact same thing. >> we will have to wait and see. >> yes, we will. >> don't light anymore fires. >> unless it is in my heart. >> i was trying to prove a point. >> coming up, 24-hour breath. first a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is the color red. coming in at 620 and 740nanometers is the color of love, anger and comme's. if you thought the color was green you are color blind.
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it is augmentation for vacation. a new york plastic surgeon has saline that gives the impression of breast i'm plants that lasts for 24 hours. and now it is a method that would last two to three weeks. dr. norman rowe says the temporary breasts are perfect for weddings or vacations and
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it lets women see what living large would be like. you can use 3-d imaging and put implants in bras, but it is another thing to see what the weight will feel like and what it will be like to riff with the new breasts. sign me up, doc. dr. rowe anticipate the vai ition location breasts will be available in two years in time for nothing. lou, could this be huge for men and women? and those in between? >> i think probably a slight margin. it would probably favor women as a market. i qant imagine a -- i can't maiming a woman taking breast for a test drive. i am about free market. >> i am about free markets as well. >> it is more like d markets.
11:33 pm
>> they missed it. >> high fiveing is not allowed here. >> men could use this for pecs or calf implants. we talked about this with you because of your abnormally weird body. >> mine are taped downright now. i wonder how many husbands with their wives will get their groin in the way of the injection as it is going in. that could happen, cooperate it. >> it could. couldn't it? >> vacation penises. >> i have been saying it for years. >> chevy chase is not in that one. >> moving aggressively toward that needle. >> usually you move the needle. >> let's move on, joanne. >> is there any real point to this? it makes no sense to me. why would anybody do this?
11:34 pm
>> i immediately think of the miss usa pageant and how it would change pageant tree. >> it probably cost less money to get it done and you are not stuck with it examine enhances you for that specific a vent. when it is event based it is more for single people on vacation who maybe want to attract someone just for the time that they are there for my only issue is things that go in have to come out. if it is in permanent it has to flow somewhere. it will leak or get all in your organs and i don't know about that. >> how many times have you heard that from the er doctor? >> i know and then they shake their head like eon tim. you know what? we just need variety. >> are we going back to the breasts? >> i don't even know what we are talking about. >> i am going to andy because we haven't talked to him. >> you put a lot of things in
11:35 pm
and around your breasts. what do you make of this silliness? i don't even know what that meant. >> can i go home? >> i am taking you down with me. >> vacation breasts sounds like something bros would say. yeah, man, i am going to cancun and i'm going to get me some of that vacation breast. >> it is a horrible word. it is a horrible word. it is a horrible word. >> it is a reboot without robin. nbc is reviving lifestyles of the rich and famous. it was done by robin leach in the 80s and 90s. the new version will have fun profiles of new tech billionaires and highlight their philanthropic efforts. in other words, they will be stupid and boring.
11:36 pm
dan, hasn't instagram, whatever that is because i didn't write the question, instagram the thing i didn't know what it is, hasn't it made this show unnecessary? we have seen what rich people do. we can see it when ever we want. do we need this show is what i am asking? answer the question! >> has it made this show unnecessary? >> i am going to make your face unnecessary. >> i think they should rename that show hey look at all of this cool stuff you can rob from my house if you come here with a gun. i don't get this at all. lou, you live in a castle, right? you don't want to show people your dungeons and things. >> we have dungeons and the next thing it is a question on television. . >> the answer to that is probably not. i have to tell you i worked with robin leach for awhile.
11:37 pm
i digress. >> please do. >> it made me feel rich and famous at the time. >> hello, how are you? would you like to go in my yard? >> say that again. >> hello. would you like to go in my yacht? >> it wasn't really his yacht. >> robin if you are watching i just want you to know we are fans. >> i have never said i could do impressions, ever. >> i thought that was pretty good. >> i can't. i can't do that stuff. >> where am i? >> i will defer to jeff. >> i i have a big question for you. people entourage, right? it was hugely popular.
11:38 pm
>> oh yeah, bro. >> we already have this. we have rich kids of beverly hills. we have the real housewives and then a millionaire match maker. we have these people wanting to show off their wealth and all it does is make me angry because i don't have it. i am gonna, but i don't have it now. >> that's the point. i am all for free markets and capitalism, but i don't like uh sten tashes wealth. rich people were never like this. there was new rich like the beverly hillbillies, but the rich knew how to hide their money. now everybody who has money needs to show you. >> and this is the post occupy world where we talk about the 1% in a bad way all the time. the old show was like a travel log. nick cannon says i think rich
11:39 pm
and famous people take themselves too seriously. i would be like, what the hell, gold toilet seats? let's pop bottles. >> let's pot bottles in deed. >> i think he is breaking knew ground at mr. cannon. >> this one may be a little more snarky. >> he has come a long way since drum line. >> he has. >> if the government wants to sponsor a broadcast like that, the rich and the famous, places they lived the redistribution thing would be aspiring destitute. >> that would be fun. >> did i inject politics. >> up next, something fun. "not cool." have you ordered it yet sph if not you deserve to be in
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prison for life. back in a moment. first, what is coming up on the independents? glad you asked. >> hello there, lamb chop. my question for you is why in the hell is everyone celebrating christmas already? tomorrow i will hit the streets with my let the turkey cool petition. >> who wants to sign my petition? let the turkey cool before we put christmas lights up. do the christmas lights go up too early? >> yes. >> would you like to sign my petition because you are a good person? >> sure. >> join me in my crusade on the fox business network.
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her affair was laid bear. a cheating wife was caught on camera canoodling with another man. the husband was suspicious of his spouse about a year and a half and sent his best man james to follow her to a bar. i hope this is not a hoax. >> what is going on here? tell me what is going on. who is this guy. that's not your husband, right? you don't look like her husband to me and i don't blame you. that's a good idea. that's a good idea. i'm james. i was the best man. this is nina. this is my best friend's wife. the video was posted on red it
11:45 pm
with a description after finding out the husband went home and took her car and took herring and told hershey had until the end of the day to move out. must have been 4,000 comments on the video and they bashed nina for cheating and some said it was wrong and expose and embarrass her on-line. speaking of getting caught. >> stupid cat. what is worst the cheating wife or the best man posting the video? should he have posted the video? >> no.
11:46 pm
i am picturing him coming to his friend's house and being like, dude, i got some bad news. your wife is cheating on you. but here is the good news. i put it on-line so everyone could see it. and you can be publicly humiliated forever. >> that's a true best man. >> that's a great man. thank you. >> the only one who sustains his anonymity is the victim of this cheating woman. >> nice choice of words. >> i saw you stutter there. >> temtress. >> foul temtress be gone with your wicked ways. >> are you talking to me? >> i think so. >> i agree. the guy that got caught, he is a real winner. he holds the flash in front of his face. he doesn't give a crap about her. very chivalrous. >> that is very quick
11:47 pm
thinking. >> it means he has done it before. >> it is the old light trick. >> it may have something to do with what he was wearing. >> the bartender. we know. i think so. he said he owned it. >> of course he is a bar extender. bartender. that's what they do. >> not all bartenders. >> is public shaming the best way to deal with cheaters ? >> i'm sure you have been public humiliated. >> i do love shaming, but posting it on-line it not the way to go. it says more about you than the person cheating. also though, we don't know why she exeat t -- she cheated. that's important to remember when you are trying to figure out who takes the blame. >> that's true. he could be a great guy and that's why she is cheating. >> we used to have a contest
11:48 pm
in society, a little thing i called a private life. and people would keep their private lives private. and we don't do that. >> this is all oprah's fault. divorce the girl, don't divorce her. the video has been yanked from youtube. and we should also say there is a decent chance that this is a hoax. >> i think so too. >> remember this tomorrow if we do the story. >> there is only one story a night that will be a hoax. >> it does look like very interesting people. i would like to noah lot more about -- to know a lot more about it. >> your wish is my command. we will devote the next two hours of the program. >> come on out, nina. >> by the way. should we do now? we should. coming up, people who can't dance, daabs shows them how it
11:49 pm
is done. do you have videos of animals ? send them to fox eye. we will like you if we do and hate you if you don't.
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will that be all, sir? thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business.
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factor. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> anthony witch. can scientists prove why they can't move? dismal dancers could suffer from beat deafness. canadian researchers report that some people are unable to synchronize movements appropriately with music. said an author of the study, quote, the types of mistakes that beat deaf individuals make indicate deficits in biological rite ems. he -- rite ems. he recommend they be put to death. dan, are you latting at this. >> i am. >> laugh away. any suggestions for men who can't dance? perhaps get rich and flaunt
11:54 pm
your wealth at women like joanne who will lap it up like desperate creatures of the night. >> you have money? why didn't you tell me. >> he doesn't. >> oh. >> a hypothetical. >> his wife does. so it can be like a columbo episode where you plan on her demise. >> in answer to your question, yes, absolutely, whoopi was right. >> she was right. lou, what makes you such a great dancer? please elaborate. >> the only thing i can attribute it to is high quality liquor. i have done my best work under those circumstances. >> i think we have a picture. >> i was afraid you might. >> who are these people? >> who is the dude in the white jacket. >> i was fat. who was the guy? >> who is the girl? >> that's me.
11:55 pm
>> who are you? >> what happened to this show? you were going to finish a point. >> i couldn't conjure one up. i was afraid i may be one of these people who suffer from the beat deafness. >> andy, you don't dance or even walk or stand, you sit. >> i know earlier you said yes. >> i don't agree at all. >> i am interested in pursuing this some more. >> i get what you are saying and that yes it is correct. >> the facts are all there. >> you are not looking at all of the facts. it is just what supports the yes side. if you really read the study. >> you do look like one of the arabs in homeland.
11:56 pm
meaning not be an arab. an italian playing an arab. >> why you have to boma my city? >> well done italian man. joanne, if a man cannot dance what does it tell you about him? that he is rich and it doesn't matter? >> it won't happen. that's nongnaw negotiatable for me. it is not the end of the world. don't try to clap to. ♪ it's the end of the world and we know it ♪ because that is tricky. >> you can have perfect rhythm and still not be a good dancer. >> sure. >> i have lived my life as living proof of that. >> i like that. i need to write that down. >> you gotta show us. >> just take my word that i can't dance. >> did you write that down when you were 16.
11:57 pm
other interests, i have perfect rhythm, but i can't dance. signed andy levey. the show is over and you can't even answer me. >> too bad because i had a lot
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thanks for watching, everyone. huckabee starts right now. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york. so what are you afraid of? spiders, snakes and ladders in high places, maybe you are afraid of fire, suffocating or drowning and maybe you are just afraid of having your wife learn how much you paid about the deer rifle you bought or your husband find out how many pair of shoes you just bought. but are you afraid of


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